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My name is Chad; a freelance Graphic Designer in the Orlando area. On this site you will find a compilation of client work that I’ve done. If you are interested in contacting me for a project, click here

My Portfolio

View samples from my portfolio in the slider below. Each slide represents a section: Scenic Baseballs, Logos, Promotional Materials, or Web Ads. You can also view the slides individually.

Scenic Baseballs


When I design an image, it’s important to me to break down the key elements that tell who or what the company, person or event is about. A logo, for example, should represent the heart of who you are and should be something that you feel confident branding. In a similar fashion, when designing a packaged series (like Web Ads), my goal is to find a theme. A theme is the rope that ties everything together, and should remain consistent, especially with the product it’s promoting. Sometimes these things come together quickly, other times it takes a lot of banging your head against a wall, but when it’s right, you know it.

Scenic Baseballs

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